Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Completed and edited Creation Myths

The CREATION Myth of Wuumigen

Ultimately created of its own incentive, Wuumigen began as an idea, an idea of the generation, of cycles and of production.

Continuation lies in the heart - Creation lies in the mind

In the beginning there was birth.  It was the birth of a nation, the birth of a species, the birth of a society, connected by the life-giver, the overall deity of genesis and the origin of eternity.

Here stands Wuumigen at the beginning and of the beginning, nothing proceeds and everything follows.Individuality is only relative to Wuumigen’s creations as their free will lies at the epicentre of Her being.

She, as the universal being, births the fecundity of society, defying all deeds of negative destruction and malice. “So go forth,” She bellows, “go forth and create, but always reflect, progress, and remember Wuumigen.”
REGENERATE             EXPAND                PROTECT               RESPECT


After Wuumigen flowered into being, She created the World and its people. Yet the gathering crowds found they were unable to speak, as there was as yet no one to listen.
Thus Wuumigen created Fooo, who rose above the multitudes and listened, for six days and six nights until he grew weary, and laid down to rest.
His rocky shoulders became the mountains and valleys, so that as the waters of Shh fell to Earth, they could be collected, and in their surface could stir reflections.
When the balance between Mamanma and Death is tipped, Foo will cease listening and begin to speak. It is within this narration, or a cycle of it, that we now live.
The purity of the First Hearing is lost, and we are merely reflections in Shh’s waters.


Before Wuumigen formed the Earth as we know it, there were no people and no animals. This was before the time of Foo and there was only the Mighty Wuumigen and the darkness and the stars.
To fill the void Wuumigen created a magical liquid by collecting dust from the star formation clouds.
To further fill the darkness Wuumigen created the Earth and its people and the god Foo to listen to her people. Wuumigen sent the star dust to Earth. On its journey it turned into an intangible substance and when it reached the Earth it became Water and Wuumigen was pleased with her creation.
The Water filled the pits of Foo creating the great lakes and rivers of the Earth. The people and animals were filled with water and now they must drink the waters and bath in the waters every day.
Wuumigen created Shh to watch over the water cycle and it is Shh we must thank for our water supply.


As Foo and Shuu sprung forth from WU a great movement was created; this was the first gust of wind. 

The wind was the creation of Kraa.  Kraa is the force that flies through all of creation; thus understands all. 

The movement of Kraa allows for the spreading of knowledge. Kraa is the Wind that carries. 

Kraa comes to us with knowledge on the wings of Birds; to allow the wisdom of Kraa to enter our souls we must approach the sacred form of the bird and take it as our own. 

The movement of knowledge aids both creation and destruction, its pursuit is holy as it fulfils the purpose of creation. 


After the creation of the Earth, the Water and the Wind, Foo and Shh and Kraa, Wuumigen was pleased with what she had made and she rested.
After time had passed Wuumigen noticed that there was something missing from her creation. The people themselves where not creating in her image. The world was filled to the brim with people but they all just sat and waited but no one knew for what.
Thus it was that Wuumigen created the last two gods, Mamanma and Death. Mamanma and Death are sisters. They were born hand in hand although back to back. They are one and the same and yet they are entirely opposed to each other for what Mamanma plants, Death carries away.


Mamanma travels to the centre of the Earth to the Core of Ideas. At the Core of Ideas, Mamanma uses a vast net to catch the protozoa of Wuumigen’s perfect ideas that Wuumigen planted in the beginning during the creation.
Mamanma cradles these ideas in her arms as she travels up through rock and stone, earth and fire. When she breaks through the surface of the Earth She scatters the protozoa of ideas to the winds of Kraa, the waters of Shh and onto the Fields of Foo.
Foo, Shh and Kraa mix the ideas together and helpsthem to grow in the waters, the winds and the earth.
When the ideas are consumed by man and beast they grow inside them until they sprout out of their hands, their mouths, they bodies and their minds. By channelling this sacred fruit out of themselves and into the world, man and beast celebrate the glory of Wuumigen and Mamanma, for whom and by whom they themselves were made.
Mamanma lives on the Earth in three states. She is Ma: the babe, the seed. She is Manma: the woman, that which is right to be harvested. She is Anma: the crone, the midwife and the wisdom. Ma, Manma and Anma are one. Three parts of the same whole they are the seasons, the Spring, the Summer and the Autumn. The sisters are the cycle that generate and regenerate on the Earth.


The Universe is infinite. Life is a cycle
Wuumigen created Death to make Her people live their lives with pleasure and to make use of the time that they have on the Earth.
Death is the eternal companion, always to the left of, and behind us, like a shadow.
Death is a hunter and is the only true advisor we have.
Death is your enemy and your friend.
Death is the only thing that is certain.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

some photos from the other day when we were writing up the manifesto

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Freya Riso and work March 1st

Hey guys, so I had a play with inverting my image and using the Riso this afternoon. I've also been playing with making other images and frames etc out of the images that I've already produced to see if I could make some interesting narrative stuff out of it. I'm quite pleased with where my imagery is going I think. I was talking to Geoff and I'm going to look into trying to use the laser cutter to maybe burn one or more of these images into wood. Think it's more of a side line then anything but if it's not too expensive perhaps we could make a plinth to present the manifesto on or something.
Anyways, I ramble. I'll see you tomorrow or Thursday. Saara, have an AMAZING time in Finland!

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