Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cult Information Centre

Here's an organisation dedicated to helping those who have experienced difficulty with cults -

Interesting what it has to say on the different 'techniques' used by cults. Also bizarre how black & white it seems.

Outsider architecture is an interesting example of people needing to create a fantasy environment as a form of expression. Such as this chap -

Does fascism ever veer towards a 'religious' approach? Religions tend to have clearly set out rules and codes of conduct, yet they are hardly based on any sort of rationalism. Toby Clark says that

"fascists openly rejected rationalism as the arid and soulless outlook of bourgeois modernity, and described their movement as a cult of action and passion free of doctrinal rules. Thus the French fascist Robert Brasillach spoke of fascism not as a theory but a "poetry" of faith and emotion, and Mussolini declared: "I am not a statesman, I am more like a mad poet".

Maybe we should ensure our doctrine is not easily understandable - maybe even comically vague - so as to mislead and confuse simpletons into BELIEVING.

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